Saturday, 10 July 2010

Walking Back To Happiness

Advantages of Walking

Walking has many health benefits, which are well documented.
The opportunity to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of beautiful countryside with a mixture of rolling hills, rivers, streams, canals, ponds, woodland, villages, farmland and downs, all within a short drive of Camberley.

Walking with others in a group like Fine Weather Walkers offers companionship and safety, plus the opportunity to explore places which you might not consider alone.

What to Wear and What Not to Wear – Comfort is the Key

Good fitting comfortable walking boots or shoes with appropriate socks. Boots provide extra protection over rutted ground and are better in muddy conditions.

Layered lightweight breathable top clothing.

Polyester and cotton mix walking trousers, which dry quickly. Denim jeans are to be avoided as they take a long time to dry and are heavy and cold when wet.

Waterproof anorak and leggings. Consider windproof and breathable products for improved comfort.

Depending on season; sun hat, cap, sunglasses, warm hat, gloves, scarf and possibly spare clothing.

Rucksack to carry some of the above plus; water, flask, food, simple first aid kit, blister patches, suntan lotion, penknife, pen and paper and some plastic bags.

Tips and Information

Travel in normal footwear and change at start and finish of walk.
Take a couple of old carrier bags for the end of a walk to place muddy wet boots and clothing.
Items in rucksack can be kept dry by wrapping in plastic bags. An old plastic bag can also be useful
for sitting on wet ground or seat.
Health and Safety
The drinking of adequate water whilst exercising is essential to avoid dehydration that can strike
unexpectedly. Ensure the water carried matches your needs for the walk being undertaken.
Do not attempt a walk if you are feeling unwell or suffering an injury.
British weather can be very changeable, so be properly prepared.
The above is not intended to be comprehensive, but for guidance only.

More Information – Join a Walk

Our next walk is 17 July 10.

For information about the activities of Fine Weather Walkers, and to join a walk, contact Graham at

To see a list of scheduled walks, take a look on our Facebook events page.

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  1. Hi Sarita. The next walk is this Saturday.
    If you are interested, please email and we can contact you with details about where to meet etc..
    Andy - St Paul's.