Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Services & Young Children in All Age Engagement


All Age Engagement is a specific time when we worship together in church, rather than children attending their own groups. This is often a difficult time for parents, in judging what they believe is acceptable, and what is actually expected.

Nikki had a conversation with some of St Paul’s leaders and members about All Age Engagement.

  • Mark Chester is the vicar at St Paul’s. He has 2 grown up sons
  • Becca has 2 young children
  • Daniel has 4 children

In their 30 minute chat, they discuss openly and frankly, what has and has not worked for them in parenting their young children through a service, sharing their experiences. They give encouraging advice, and tips on how to do more than survive a service, but actually make it a fulfilling and engaging time for children. St Paul’s is here to support you, is a key message.

Here is an introduction to the interview from Mark…

2005_0325Miisc0028 “All age engagement is something that we take seriously in the Sunday services at St Paul’s.  I believe that keys to making all age engagement more of a reality are similar expectations being shared, or at least understood, by ALL members of the church and practical suggestions about implementing these expectations.  This recording has been made in an attempt to achieve these aims in a non-threatening and accessible format.
This is our first attempt at anything like this so your comments, both positive and negative would be appreciated.
You might also find it interesting to buy or borrow from the church a copy of ‘Parenting in the Pew’ by Robbie Castleman.  A book that is both stimulating and thought provoking.”

Here is the interview for you to listen to …

Now we would like to hear your response to the interview, including your experiences with children in services, and your advice.