Friday, 7 January 2011

2010 – That Was The Year That Was

2010 Event Montage

As we launch into 2011, it’s a good time to reflect on what we have covered in 2010, as part of our outreach communications.

The blog has announced various events this year, such as:-

That’s a lot to cover on what we are doing.

We’ve built valuable links with our friends at Camberley News, Camberley People, Eagle Radio and Surrey Heath Blog. Thank you to them for all their help and encouragement. In 2011 we are looking to build on this, establishing a relationship with BBC Surrey and Surrey Heath Borough Council, to start with.

Camberley News Eagle Radio Camberley People Surrey Heath Blog

We now have a listing on Google Places and in Thomson Local, which is a great way to find out about where we are, and give us a rating.

You can also find us on FoursquareFoursquare, which is a social application for smartphones that allows people to "check-in" to a place they visit. They can then see other people who are at that place, and read tips people have left previously. Restaurants and site seeing places are great uses of this application, but Churches now join the list. We claimed St Paul's on Foursquare in Dec 2010, and encourage people with smartphones, to check-in when they visit, and say hello.

We attended the Christian New Media Conference, which was an excellent way to keep up with developments in Social Media and the Church and networking.

Thoughts on 2011

Healing on the SteetsJanuary sees the launch of a new initiative, Healing on the Streets, and Street Angels are also extending their coverage in the town to include Saturday nights. Keep an eye out on the blog later in January for more information on both of these. More initiatives will follow later in the year, as we continue to help our community, “living Christ in Camberley”.

Our Social Media experiment, is no longer experimental. Our Facebook page has been out for 3 years, Twitter 2 years, and this Blog has been very active the past year. Added to that, our YouTube channel will see new videos of our events in Camberley, so worth subscribing to.




Our new website launch will roll out early in the year, seeing a more modern looking site, with a new domain address.

We are looking forward to attending the Christian New Media Conference again, and the Internet Safety Conference, to keep up-to-date on the latest technologies, and protecting our Children online.

All this means 2011 will see a  new “vision” and mission statement for all our social media channels. We have much to communicate to the people of Camberley. Let the good times roll!

For more information on St Paul’s Social Media, contact Andew Salt on


  1. It has been a pleasure to highlight some of the incredible work you guys do in our community.

    Street Angles is a remarkable project that deserves our support.

    I look forward to shining more positive light on your work in 2011.

  2. Well done! And thank you so much for highlighting all the great things which are happening in Camberley