Friday, 21 January 2011

The Street Angels Saturday Crew – Part 1 “Kit”


1 Vision, 11 Churches, 65 Amazing People….

“Saturday” Street Angels got their wings on Sunday 16 January at High Cross Church. The Mayor of Surrey Heath congratulated them as they were formally commissioned to help on the streets of Camberley. From Saturday 22 January, volunteer Angels will patrol the streets every Friday and Saturday evening, from 10pm until 4am.

Street Angels have been patrolling Camberley for a year now, on Friday nights, so are well established. But what is a Street Angel? What do they do? How do they do it? and Why?

Wikipedia defines a Street Angel as “volunteers that help people whoever they are and whatever their situation, on the streets of many towns in the UK during the evenings”. Well, that’s it in a nutshell. But there is far more to it than that. Last year, we published an article profiling  Street Angels, in “Angels Clubbing in Camberley” which answered, in detail, many of these questions. What it didn’t cover in depth was the tools of the trade.

What’s in an Angels kit bag? Let’s take a look….

IMG_2120They carry over 20 items in their distinctive black kit bags, bearing the “Camberley Churches Together” logo. Everything from foil blankets, to sharps bins, dust pan and brush to wet wipes.




By far the post popular items in their kit are lollypops and flip-flops! Lollypops also sound like an unusual bit of kit, but in fact they help reduce noise levels, gain trust, stop arguments and can help prevent fights.

Handing out flip-flops in winter,  to young adults on the town may sound bizarre, but walking in high heels can be dangerous, after a night out.

Street Angels also keep an eye out for glass in the streets. They remove about 15 glass items (bottles and glasses) each night – about 800 potential weapons a year! (bring out that dust pan and brush).

Next week, part 2 - the reaction from the police and club owners.

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  1. Love it! such great press work for the launch! Becca