Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Healing on the Streets of Camberley

Healing on the Streets Since the launch of Healing on the Streets in Camberley on 29 January this year, they are starting to get established as part of the scene in Park Street on Saturdays, between 1.30 – 3.30pm.

The group aim to heal people of sickness or disease, through the power of prayer.

They are another project sponsored by Camberley Churches Together (CCT), who brought you Street Angels in Camberley. Rev Mark Chester, former chairman of CCT, said “I am really delighted to see another Camberley Churches Together initiative such as this”.

We gave a heads-up last year that this group were going to launch in 2011, and they have now been running for a month. This is just some of the feedback they have received …

  • "After prayer, I could breath more easily and deeper." (19/Feb/2011)
  • "I did not feel any difference in my knee after your prayers, but by the morning after it was feeling completely healed." (13/Feb/2011)
  • "I did not have time to stay for prayer today, but I am planning on coming back on a further Saturday." (12/Feb/2011)
  • "Before I sat down I had pain in my back and legs.  When I got up I could feel less pain in my back and was able to stand without stumbling." (29/Jan/2011)

So, with nothing to loose, sounds like it might be worth trying out the next Saturday you are in town. Look out for their distinctive blue flag in Park Street between 1.30pm – 3.30pm and check them out.

For more information on Healing on the Streets in Camberley, access their website at http://www.healingcamberley.org.uk where they can also be contacted.


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