Sunday, 29 May 2011

Divinely Blessed – The Feedback

“Thank you so much.  I really enjoyed myself”

Divinely Blessed held on Tuesday 24 May was an amazing evening to focus on the blessings in all our lives. We welcomed around 150 ladies (plus helpers) and managed to get through all the 1250 canapés and about 280 cupcakes, plus a little retail therapy.

Sharon Dirckx Our speaker Sharon Dirckx (a scientist with a PhD in brain imaging from Cambridge University, and also a Christian) spoke on what it is to be 'Divinely Blessed'. This included what our culture says is a blessing (family, health, wealth, material items) and also what other religions see as blessings.You can listen to more talks from Sharon here.

Victoria, Jenny and Nikki, from St Paul’s, told their stories about the blessings they have experienced in their lives. 

Everything went exactly as planned and we couldn’t have asked for a more successful evening!

“I am just home from Divinely Blessed and wanted to write to thank you so much for a really fabulous evening.  Wow!  It was all so polished and beautiful.  I felt so proud that St Paul's was my church and that we are able to put on such fabulous things.”

“Thank you so much.  I really enjoyed myself - please let me know about the one next year as I'd love to come again.”

“A friend I brought who is a non believer was massively impressed by Victoria and really wants to go on her marriage course.”

“My friends enjoyed hanging their shapes on the blessing tree and there was a lot of chat about the obvious love shown by our church family during people's trials and tribulations.


“My friends from work said that they found the testimonies really moving.”

“I LOVED the cupcakes!”

“I gave my neighbour a lift home and she was so touched by the evening and the highlight was the talk which she said was everything she needed to hear.  She is planning to come and try out house group next week.”

So, even just a few days later we have had some great feedback and it has encouraged us to start thinking about next year already! 

Sharon, Annie and Samantha

“Sharon with Annie and Samantha from the Divinely Team”

Annie Hunt (Divinely Team) xx


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