Friday, 10 June 2011

Moo, Baa, Quack – Pet Service

St Paul's Pet Service 2011 St Paul’s, Camberley, will be hosting the annual pet service. This is a great opportunity to bring your non-human friends to St Paul’s, to give thanks, and celebrate their friendship. A very fun and uplifting service.

Two pet services will be held on Sunday 19 June, at 9.30am and 11.15am, so there are two opportunities to attend. The services are for everyone in the community, you don’t have to be a regular member of St Paul’s.

Whatever the animal, this is a wonderful family occasion, and a warm welcome is awaiting you and your animal friend. Our pets are all part of Gods wonderful creation, and an important part of the family. Since they can’t normally go to church, we reserve one day a year as a special day to include them. Children especially love to see the other animals that attend, and show off their special friend to others. We have had a varied range of species attend in previous years, from Dogs to Horses (although the horses didn’t actually fit inside St Paul’s, but the vicar ventured outside to see them).

Rev Graham Shaw says: "Our annual Pet Service is one of the most fun services we have at St Paul's. It's a great opportunity to come along and say 'thank you' for your pets!".

Special treats will be available for all creatures great and small after the service.

This is what Geoff Andrew had to say when we had a chat about what to expect….