Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pet Thanksgiving

The Big Pet Service Gathering 2011 “36 pets, 69 young people, 182 adults and one big thanksgiving!”

The annual Pet Service at St Paul’s on Sunday 19 June was a great success. We gave thanks for pets, and celebrated their friendship.

69 Young people and 182 adults attended the two services on Sunday morning, along with 36 of their pets.

Pet Service 2011 - Guinea Pig FriendThe most unusual pet was a stick insect, but guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs and cats also came along to this special gathering. Tasty treats were available for all creatures great and small after the service.

One couple said they were invited by a friend and they came because they wanted to say thank you for the companionship they get from their dog. They had a very friendly and welcoming reception.

Rev Graham Shaw says: "Our annual Pet Service is one of the most fun services we have at St Paul's. It's a great opportunity to come along and say 'thank you' for your pets!".