Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Healing is Amazing

Come rain or shine, every Saturday for the past year, a group of people from local churches known as Healing on the Streets, have been out praying for people. This week it turned parky on Park Street in Camberley, as the group setup alongside the Farmers' Market,  and braved the chill in the air to pray for a whole range of issues.

Healing on the Streets

Healing on the Streets launched one year ago, and whatever your thoughts are about prayers and healing, something has been happening. Maybe it requires a real leap of faith to believe that someone can restore a physical or emotional issue, just by sitting down and praying with you. But then what is there to loose? It costs nothing, you don’t sign anything, and nobody will talk to you about the bible or church unless you want to. However wacky you might think Healing on the Streets are, you can find local groups in towns and cities up and down the country, all with similar successes to report. They are a national phenomenon, quietly getting on with the business of helping people in the community. If they can bring healing for all the things listed on their feedback page, then I reckon they are worth a shot.

Some weeks seemingly not a lot happens. Then other weeks, something quite special happens. Last Saturday was one of those special days. Healing on the Streets were thrilled to hear from someone they last saw seven months ago, who reported on the progress of a back complaint. In April the individual had been unable to bend to pull socks on, and was suffering from longstanding disc pain , despite several operations. The initial healing was very dramatic and after prayer they were able to completely bend over and touch their toes. 

Seasonal colds and flu, migraines, depression and  emotional healing are just some of the issues the group are regularly asked to pray for, as they stand near their healing flag between 1.30pm – 3.30pm in Park Street. They often have groups of young people congregating on the nearby benches who pop over for prayer for a range of things, including relationship issues. Feelings such as a positive warmth, and a sense of peace, are commonplace when being prayed for by the Healing team, made up of volunteers from local churches.

So next Saturday when you’re in Camberley, I challenge you to try them out, and see if they can help you. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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