Sunday, 25 December 2011

Frontline Celebrate a Christmas Breakthrough

Most welfare benefits are being cut. While approving of the governments aim to get those who can work back to work, Frontline have seen many worrying results nationally. Parents having to “top up” housing benefit to pay their rent, some benefits not being increased along with inflation and many people losing long-term benefits, has resulted in many struggling to buy food, gas & electricity and other basics. Thankfully churches and charities running food banks, clothing stores and restored furniture helps.  There are many other cuts on the way.  Many people are struggling to live, let alone pay debts.

Camberley FrontlineIn early November Frontline were approached by a single mum who’s disabled living allowance for her seriously disabled daughter, had been withdrawn.  Two Frontline advisers helped her to appeal against this decision and just before Christmas day, they heard that the appeal had been successful.

This has increased the client's income by some £250 a month.  Not a lot by some peoples standards, but all the difference in the world to this single Mum.  Super news just before Christmas.

Along with the financial worries, struggling with debt often leads to depression, anxiety and stress and can cause tension or arguments between you and your loved ones. Frontline provide free debt and benefit advice in Camberley. If you need help please contact Frontline.

Phone: 07880 711730 (24 hour message line)