Monday, 5 December 2011

However you dress it up, Christmas starts with Christ

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However you dress it up, Christmas starts with Christ. Isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas?

This Christmas, I’d like to invite you to follow the dramatic story of Jesus' birth, live online (well it would have been back in the day, if they had social media)  through a series of free messages via text, email, twitter or facebook to your mobile phone or computer.

Can you imagine Joseph sending out a tweet on the birth of Jesus, and Mary posting a photo on facebook!

The Christmas story unfolds on Sunday 18th December, reaching a climax on Christmas day and then leads you on in a journey of reflection over the following week. This amazing story will unfold as it is sent in a series of short messages to your phone, smart-phone or computer.

So, please join us as the story of Jesus' birth is alive again this Christmas.



Here is how you can take part.

Visit to register for messages either by email, text, facebook or twitter.