Sunday, 11 December 2011

Special Christmas Message from Rev Mark

Search results for christmas ‘Christmas is cancelled this year because I cannot afford it’ said the lady on the TV. Was she right?

The context was that of one of the many programmes about the economic woes of our time.  I guess she was trying to say something about the difficulties of paying for all the presents, food, decorations and drink which accompany a 21st century British Christmas.

Her words were actually saying something else, something that is not right, and goes to the very heart of what Christmas is about. You see the gift of Christ(mas) cannot be bought.  Like any other gift it can only be received, perhaps with gratitude.  Maybe even happiness and joy.

You can afford Christmas, because it is free.  And you might want to say ‘thank you’ to God and celebrate His gift by joining in the celebrations at a church near you.  You are welcome whoever you are.

Rev Mark Chester is vicar of St Paul’s in Camberley. More information  on St Paul’s at

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