Wednesday, 22 February 2012

An Evening with Claudia Sturt - Deputy Director Prison Service

Do you have any questions for one of the top women in the UK Prison Service? Claudia Sturt, a Deputy Director of the Prison Service, is spending an evening at St Paul’s, Camberley. Belmarsh Prison - photo courtesy of publik15 on FlickrClaudia is going to chat about “Christianity and Incarceration - an Unbridgeable Gap?”, in a series of talks we are hosting about morality in public life.  She has a pretty impressive career, having done her time at HM Prisons Bristol and Wormwood Scrubs, and more recently was the Governor of Erlestoke, Dartmoor, Winchester and Belmarsh. Managing extremist and suspected terrorists has been part of her job, working in high profile prisons in the public eye. Not surprising then she was awarded the Butler Trust Major Open Award for outstanding dedication, skill and creativity in the prison service . She also manages to juggle a young family, married with 3 year old twin boys.

Claudia is currently the Deputy Director, Custody South and Central Region, which covers the line management of 11 prisons and one Immigration Removal Centre.   She has been in the Prison Service now for 20 years.

Doors open 7pm on February 28th at St Paul’s, Crawley Ridge, Camberley, GU15 2AD. Light refreshments will be served at 9pm. 

This talk continues a series held by St Paul’s around a central theme of "Morality in Public Life". Previous speakers have included Melanie Phillips (columnist and public speaker) and General the Lord Dannatt (ex Chief of the Defence Staff).

No ticket is required, free entry on arrival. If you would like to submit any questions for Claudia, prior to the event, you can send them to, or tweet @stpaulscamb. To find out more about St Paul’s, please visit or contact the office on 01276 700210.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pancake Day – Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday, or “Pancake Day” as it’s commonly known as, is coming up. I love pancakes, so I thought I’d do some crowd sourcing, and see what flavours people are sampling for this year.
Top of the chart of course is “lemon and sugar” as a popular classic, but I was looking for something a little on the wild side. It didn’t take long to get some pretty whacky suggestions. I’m discounting this one… “Petrol! Doesn't taste so good, but so easy to flambĂ©”. So a few interesting suggestions in addition to the gorgeous desert recipes from Waitrose:-
  • Roasted vegetables & cream cheese
  • Chicken curry
  • Bacon, chicken, cheese & sweetcorn
  • Chorizo, pepperoni, sundried tomatoes, sweetcorn & salsa
  • Banana chocolate & ice-cream
  • Melted Mars Bar
  • Vermont maple syrup
  • Wild blueberries cooked in sugar
  • Slivered almonds with runny yogurt and drizzled chocolate sauce
  • Lime and gin? G&T pancakes!
  • Cinnamon and banana

But what is “Shrove Tuesday”?

The time before Easter is known as Lent. During Lent, Christians can give something up for 40 days – a time of reflection and preparation before the Easter celebrations begin. Traditionally, certain foods, or luxuries are given up.  Shrove Tuesday (the day before the start of Lent) is a time to ‘clean the soul’. An opportunity to use up any rich foodstuffs that may be laying around the house, like eggs, milk, and sugar, before the fasting starts. I guess these days, that could also include chorizo, pepperoni and salsa!
So, what flavours of pancake are you going to be cooking up on Tuesday?
Are you planning on giving anything up for Lent?