Saturday, 14 April 2012

Are all young people just Feasters for Easter?

We had a great celebration of Holy Week and Easter. Abi Paterson is a young person from St Paul’s, and this is her view on why Easter is still relevant to the youth of Camberley.

Abi PatersonAbi Paterson – St Paul’s, Camberley

For the majority of people when the word Easter is mentioned the first thing that springs to mind is CHOCOLATE!!! And let’s face it that’s what we’re fed through the media: that Easter is all about chocolate.

But in order to gain a proper insight as to what Easter means for the youths of our day we need to ask those who are both Christian and Non-Christian for their perspectives:

“Food.” - Gemma Bean, 17

“Easter for me is a time to celebrate, after the reflection of Lent, the fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, conquering death and beating sin” - Paloma Vince, 16

“Easter means being with the family, new starts and chocolate “ - Sophie Astles, 18

"Easter means, to me, remembering the life of Jesus and the sacrifice he made to show God's love for us and that our lives are sacred “ - Joshua Rowland, 18

So as we can see Easter does mean different things for different people depending on their beliefs. For the most part, we can see the elements of family and spending time reflecting on the true meaning of Easter are essential parts for young people.

Therefore is it time our stereotypes changed and the information that the media feeds us changes?

Clearly our young people are not as easily influenced by the media’s perspective for them there is more to Easter than chocolate.

Wishing you a Happy Easter from St Paul’s.

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