Saturday, 28 April 2012

Camberley Young People Confirmed By Bishop of Guildford

One Bishop, eleven young people from St Paul’s, and one amazing day. Sunday 22 April was a special day, when a group of young people made a real commitment to their faith, by getting confirmed. Bishop Christopher visited St Paul’s for the occasion.St Pauls Camberley Young People Confirmation

Pictured (no specific order) Daniel Bonnett, Beth Crees, Daniella Hares, Hattie Lloyd, Beth Mead, Emily Sewell, Lucy Shearer, Paloma Vince, Saskia Vince, Lauren Whittle and Rosie Whittle.

Sarah Percival, Youth Director at St Paul’s said: “It was such a joy and a privilege to see 6 of our young people baptised and a further 5 confirmed last week. Praise God that he is at work and that he answers prayers! It was such a lovely event. A great family atmosphere and the church was absolutely packed out. The young people invited loads of their friends, family and teachers!”.

It was standing room only, as each person gave a testimony as part of the service, a pretty brave declaration! Daniel and Emily’s typify those from the rest of the group.

“I first felt that I wanted to become confirmed after my second year at new wine [Christian summer conference], where I met and saw people whose lives had really taken a turn for the better through coming closer to God. I knew at once that I wanted to become a greater part of that. From that day forward I have felt that I have become closer to God through the church, and I now feel  ready to join him.” – Daniel Bonnett

“From the beginning I was brought up in a Christian family. However, I wanted to make my  own decision and choose the way of the lord Jesus. After being at Church, Alpha, and Bible Study groups at the weekends, I decided that I believe Jesus died to take away my sins. The reason I want to be confirmed is to show that I want to become closer to God and have an  even stronger faith.” – Emily Sewell

Congratulations to you all!St Pauls Camberley Young People Confirmation Procession