Friday, 6 April 2012

Special Easter Message – Revd Mark Chester

Revd Mark Chester, Vicar St Paul's Camberley I find it interesting to discover why people do what they do? 

Of course people do all sorts of things.  At one extreme some people spend all their energy and money in having fun, in whatever way appeals to them.  At the other extreme some people spend their energy and money on things that are of no direct benefit to themselves but can change others lives for the better.  Why the difference?

There are probably as many answers as there are people in the world, but I have seen that many who focus on the needs of others do so because they know they can make a difference in the short term, and also forever.  These are people who believe that everything does not end when the body and mind stop working. These are people who believe one thing lasts forever - putting others before yourself, or as some call it, 'Love'.

These people believe one man allowed himself to be killed for love of others. Having been killed He came back to life three days later and is still alive. They believe that this way is open to all who follow this man.

That man's name was Jesus and what he did and why he did it are celebrated every Easter. I am one of his followers.

That is why I celebrate Easter.

Revd Mark Chester

Vicar – St Paul’s Camberley

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