Saturday, 5 May 2012

Introducing Russ Gant New Associate Curate At St Paul’s Camberley

Russell, his wife Jenny and their young daughter Annabelle join St Paul’s in July. It is Russ’s first post after ministerial training at Cranmer Hall, St. John’s College, Durham.

Russ Gant- New Associate Curate St Pauls Camberley, with wife Jenny

Russ Gant – Associate Curate, St Paul’s Camberley, with wife Jenny

I first met Russ, Jenny and Annabelle some months ago when they came for a visit, and they were very charming and sincere. Russ is social media savvy with a sense of humour, “As the mighty Twitter train leaves the station, I am the one hanging on to an open door in the last carriage!”. Indeed he has a website, blog, and is on twitter, as you would expect studying at the same college as CODEC, the renowned research initiative exploring the interfaces between the Bible, the digital environment and contemporary culture. I’m looking forward to encouraging him in this area. He once tweeted: “There is no sphere of human interaction in which God is not involved - that's why we MUST use digital technology to share the gospel”. He’ll fit in well at St Paul’s then. For more on that sense of humour, check out his bond photo.

Russ is native of rural Suffolk where his parents and brother still live. After training in landscape and amenity planning, and a later degree in business management, he spent seven years working in local government, the youngest Town Council Clerk in the country. Russ became a Christian on an Alpha Course, left the council chamber and went to Capernwray Hall Bible College in Lancashire where he met his lovely Canadian wife Jenny. They had a very romantic engagement on new years day 2007, and are very much in love.

It was while studying the Bible that Russ sensed God might be calling him to ordained ministry in the Church of England. So after Russ and Jenny were married, they moved to Surrey and spent two years working in the parish of Albury while Russ explored ordination.

Russ has a few hobbies, including skiing, sailing and steam engines (he even has his own steam train). He’ll be at home at Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway. Most of all he loves to share how Jesus Christ has, and is, transforming his life. Russ said: “I believe in making the community of the Church, an attractive place for all people to experience the love and hope that is found only in a relationship with the living God.”

I wish him well, and look forward to him and his family joining us soon in Camberley.