Friday, 20 July 2012

Camberley Frontline New Recruits

As Camberley News reports this week on the work of the Besom charity, helping people with food parcels in Camberley, lets not overlook Camberley Frontline, the free debt and benefit advice service. Frontline has 4 new recruits that join the 5 existing volunteers. Marianne and Ruth (pictured 1st and 4th from left to right) are two of them, who have recently completed the training course.

Camberley Frontline Team 2012 - Free Debt and Benefit Advice

The Frontline Team in Camberley

Why do they do it? I went along to an evening meeting to find out more.  Jim is retired, and wanted to do something to help others, inspired by another Frontline adviser's testimony. He is finding the whole experience very rewarding.  Ruth and Marianne are new recruits. Marianne heard about Frontline at St Paul's, and having managed the family finances, thought she would put per experience to good use helping others. Ruth is a full time accountant, and wanted to use her skills, helping people in need.

You can hear the full interview here...

Once the new volunteers are up to speed this will make a big difference to Camberley Frontline’s capacity and its ability to help those in need. Charles Bruce from Frontline says: “There is still desperate need to be addressed and the new volunteers will help to do this. Many of the clients are vulnerable people, with some suffering from depression or other illnesses and disabilities. Some, however, are very capable and realise they have a problem and come to us in good time”.

Camberley Frontline has now helped or is helping, nearly 40 clients, from all walks of life and as far afield as Aldershot, Bracknell and Wokingham. A third of these have debt problems, a third require benefits advice and a third need help on both. The bulk of them are very vulnerable people hanging on by their fingernails.

There are many heart-wrenching stories from people who have approached Frontline, some of which I have blogged about previously. One client told a Frontline adviser, during a telephone conversation, that they were overwhelmed by problems and were going to kill themselves. The emergency services were called, thankfully, in time. Emergency food parcels were arranged , and Frontline are in discussions with their creditors. Frontline are helping this person make an application for a debt relief order (a simpler and cheaper form of bankruptcy), so they are now on the right track towards resolving their issues.

In virtually every case, Frontline advisers have been, or are on the way to being, able to achieve a resolution to their clients problems. This can be very time consuming and they still have ongoing cases from clients who have been with them since they “opened shop” in Camberley in 2010.

Frontline provide free debt and benefit advice in Camberley. If you need help please contact them.

Phone: 07880 711730 (24 hour message line)        Email: