Friday, 23 November 2012

Camberley Street Angels – Violence & Vomit

Recently, Cllr Paul Deach took to the streets of Camberley on a Saturday night to experience the night-time economy, through the eyes of Street Angels. Paul chats with police officers, young people, and the Angels themselves.

Some of what he saw was clearly bravado by some young men, as they showed their bottoms to the camera. Please do not watch the video if this would offend you.

Camberley Street Angels

With thanks to Cllr Paul Deach and Surrey Heath Residents Network

Camberley Street Angels experience much the same reception as other Angels up and down the country, very warm and welcoming. The guys in the video are obviously showing off for the camera, but they do give an indication of the state of groups of young people, after a few drinks. Although the Angels observe violence, this is mainly directed at the police. Fortunately, violence is often a situation the Angels can dispel, before it gets unpleasant. Angels work with the emergency services, town centre management, pubs and clubs. However they are keen to point out, they remain independent, and their role is simply to look out for people who may be worse for wear, or in need of help – Guardian Angels.

Fortunately, it’s not all ‘violence and vomit’. Karen Kendall, Partnership Development Officer at Camberley Churches Together, and a Street Angel herself says “I am sure that baring bums was a response to the camera! But everything else I would agree is very typical of my experience on Friday nights. It is very rewarding, plenty of kisses and hugs on offer in exchange for help, flip flops and lollies.”

Street Angels are part of a national initiative, and you can find them in many towns and cities up and down the country. Check out video updates from Guildford, Halifax (the birthplace of Street Angels), Scarborough, and Bradford.

Camberley Street Angels are part of Camberley Churches Together (CTC). You can check out more posts about them here.

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