Saturday, 22 December 2012

Big Besom Camberley Christmas Cracker

One of the great things about Christmas is ‘giving’. Knowing that others will have a great Christmas this year because you have shared some of your good fortune. Camberley Churches have been busy donating hampers for those in need this Christmas.

Camberley Besom Team

Camberley Besom Team

Churches Together in Camberley, Partnership Development Officer, Karen Kendall helps out, as the Besom team of volunteers prepare around 60 Christmas hampers. Many of the donations from 5 churches, 2 nurseries  and 3 schools, gathered at their harvest festivals, were used to supply the basic items. The luxury items were donated from local churches in December, as they were encouraged to put Besom on their Christmas shopping list. St Paul’s donated 10 Christmas hampers.

St Paul's  Christmas Hampers for Besom Camberley

It’s been a hectic few months at Camberley Besom. Referrals have grown rapidly, as more organisations work with the Besom, such as Camberley Frontline and the Citizen Advice Bureau. Many more families will see a real difference this Christmas, thanks to local charities and organisations collaborating. Camberley Besom Christmas Hampers

As demand increases, Camberley Besom are seeing that donations are matching demand. What an incredible Camberley Christmas story. All this means they are short on storage space, and need a place where they can store and prepare parcels for those in need. If you can offer them such a place, you can contact them on

Camberley Besom Christmas Boxes