Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Message from Revd Mark Chester

Mark is the Vicar of St Paul’s Church in Camberley, and he has a special Christmas message.

Revd Mark Chester “Particular days often mark particular events. Every day of the year seems to mark something! From the well-known to Remembrance Day to the less well-known National day for Preservation of Red-eyed Hamsters. Well I made that up – but you know what I mean!

One day has been marked for longer than any other and more widely than any other, simply because it marks the beginning of a life that has been the most influential in the history of the world. A life which has given western civilisation and many other cultures its understanding of the importance of humanity, the value of character, and a sure basis for a hope for the future.

Christmas Day marks that particular day – the birth of Jesus Christ the Son of God.”

How will you mark this particular day this year?

Rev’d Mark Chester (Vicar of St Paul’s, Camberley)