Friday, 15 February 2013

What’s Your Story?

In March, Camberley Connections will be challenging Christians to tell our faith story. Why do you believe there is a God?Camberley Connections

If you were stuck in a lift for 2 minutes with a complete stranger who asked you that question, could you answer it?

For many of us on our spiritual journey, something fundamental has happened to us that has changed our lives. Something that has given us the surety of belief beyond all doubt that God is real, is alive and with us. It's been a long journey of gradual realisation for some, and for others an overnight experience.

If you have a faith story to share, that answers that fundamental question, then the Camberley Connections team would love to hear it. We are busy gathering stories to share and your story might make all the difference to someone thinking about faith right now. There is no right answer, we all have our own experiences. What counts is yours.

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