Monday, 25 March 2013

Camberley Connections and the Big Challenge

The finale in many ways to the week of Camberley Connections, was the Community Challenge given to the young people of St Paul’s  - to provide a banquet, including food and entertainment, for 50 people on the Old Dean in Camberley, in 1 week. Their budget was £50 which they had to hand back after the event. Revd Bob Peck, the Vicar of St Martin’s on the Old Dean thanked the team, and Frank Long told us all how it went on BBC Surrey the day after.

But that wasn’t the only event.

PrintCamberley Connections ended on Sunday 17th March.  Over 9 days, 14 students from Oxford came to help out, 9 local churches took part and countless church members put on 107 events which offered the opportunity for many people to ask questions and talk about their faith.  There were many offers of prayer, most of which were appreciated and many of which were accepted.

Revd Claire Isherwood encourages us to live out the strapline for the project ‘sharing lives, sharing stories’ saying: “That was the end of the beginning!  Now we look for ways to build on our new found confidence in sharing our faith stories with those who don’t yet know the love of Jesus for themselves.”

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