Tuesday, 25 June 2013

International 'Home from Home’ Lunch

Some call it ‘International Rescue’, others the ‘International Lunch’. Whatever you call it, it's a home from home for people who are away from their homes in other countries and perhaps are feeling a little homesick.  St Paul's are hosting a regular 'bring and share' lunch for anyone who is from abroad. The idea is to bring a dish from your home country to share.

When? Sunday 7th July, 1pm-3pm at St Paul's, Crawley Ridge, Camberley GU15 2AD.
Contact:  Lan or Susan if you would like to find out more (details in the flyer).

St Paul's International Lunch Invite

This is a great event for the whole family, sampling food with an international flavour. That usually gets people talking, and by the end of the lunch, it's hard to leave. We love hosting these events at St Paul's, but haven't had one for a while. Now we're about to start them again. Please come and celebrate the diversity of our nations with us, and get to know new friends from different cultures. It's all about bringing people together and feeling part of one big family.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Pet Service – Group Shots

We held our annual pet service at St Paul’s last Sunday. We love to take a group shot at the end of the pet service to remember the day. Since we have two family services on a Sunday, we have two lovely group shots. Can you see yourself, or your pet?

St Paul's Group Pet Shot Service 1

Service 1 – 9.30am


St Paul's Group Pet Shot Service 2

Service 2 – 11.15am

To see the whole photo album, including individual shots, click here.

Post Pet Service 2013

St Paul's Pet Shop Girl Band

St Paul’s youth band - the 'Pet Shop Girls', Hattie, Lucy, Saskia, Lily and Sarah

We had a terrific time at St Paul’s last Sunday 16 June, hosting our annual pet service for VIP's  - that’s Very Important Pets!

One of the highlights was the youth band the 'Pet Shop Girls' who made a great effort dressing up for the occasion.

Around 176 adults and 68 children, with a whole range of animal friends came to visit.  Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters were all present in the procession for prayer and thanksgiving. Revd Claire Isherwood was assisted by her dog Anca, a great team.Revd Claire Isherwood With Anca At St Pau'ls Camberley

I asked Claire to give us a brief synopsis for those that couldn’t make it. Claire said: “Regulars of St Paul’s plus quite a few visitors and their pets gathered to thank God for the pleasure and love that pets give us. The theme of the service was about the importance of feeding our faith as well as our pets.”

With no catastrophes, there was lots of fun and laughter in the service and pet snacks were wolfed down afterwards.

To find out more about St Paul’s, please visit stpaulscamberley.org.uk or contact the office on 01276 700210.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Girl’s Still Got It at St Paul’s

Still time to get tickets for American author and comedian Liz Curtis Higgs on stage at St Paul's this Thursday 20 June. The St Paul's 'Divinely' team behind the annual ladies only night, have a girlie evening of cocktails, nibbles and shopping all lined up for you.

Divinely - The Girl's Still Got It

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Paws for Thought Pet Service on Fathers Day

St Paul's in Camberley is officially cool for cats, dogs and other animal friends as we welcome all to bring their pets along this father’s day to our annual pet service.Revd Claire with her dog Anca

Revd Claire with her dog Anca

There are two services to choose from, either 9.30am or 11.15am, at St Paul's, Crawley Ridge, Camberley GU15 2AD on Sunday 16 June.

The staff at St Paul’s are passionate about pets. Revd Mark and Revd Claire both have dogs. So it’s appropriate, as Claire dons her dog collar, to have a special ‘Paws for Thought’ from her before the big day…

“Ever thought about how much care and attention your pet needs to thrive and grow? 

They rely on us to provide the food, water, and shelter they need.  Anyone who has watched Animal Rescue will know of heart-breaking cases where animals have been neglected and left in an awful state.  These animals are usually thin and often ill because they haven’t had proper food and attention.

We all need food to grow strong and healthy, not just our pets.  This Sunday at St Paul’s we will be thinking about what sort of food it might be that feeds our spiritual lives – so that we can grow strong and healthy spiritually. 

There will be lots of fun and laughter in the service (not just for the pets), and also the chance to thank God for the blessing of having a pet to share your life.  Pet snacks will be available after the service too!

If you haven’t got a pet you can dress up as an animal, bring a cuddly toy, or just bring yourself and enjoy everyone else’s pets! If you have a pet-owning friend, do invite them along as well.  All are welcome!”

If you are on twitter, please tweet us photos of your pets to #PaulsPets or upload to our wall on Facebook facebook.com/StPaulsCamb.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Morality in the Police Force – Chief Constable of Surrey at St Paul’s

‘Speakers Corner’ at St Paul’s is where we look at morality in public life. We’ve had some high profile speakers in the past, including Ann Widdecombe, Claudia Sturt (Deputy Director Prison Service), and General the Lord Dannatt (ex Chief of the Defence Staff).

This time around,  Lynne Owens - Chief Constable of Surrey, was of the same high calibre, attracting over 200 people to hear about morality in the police force. She did joke she was disappointed not to have topped the attendance figure of Ann, but she needn’t have worried. I had a chat with organiser, Ivar Hellberg who said “Lynne was brilliant with such a sharp mind and she dealt with the questions after the talk in a very direct and honest way. I feel we are very lucky to have her as our Chief Constable”, and Ivar knows his speakers.

Lynne gave us plenty to think about, with a series of illustrated modern day tongue-in-cheek stories based around the “good Samaritan” parable. Who are you in the story? 

In summing up, Lynne said“The morality of policing in this country is wholly connected to our ability to engage with the public we serve”. She outlined the importance of a partnership with the public, and went on to say: “I care passionately about the people of Surrey. I will make sure that my officers and my staff always give 100% on your behalf. I promise to always act quickly and decisively with transparency if ever we get anything wrong, and if we work together we will continue, as a team, to keep Surrey a very safe place. ”

On a side note, I have to mention Lynne has become a bit of a twitter addict (@ccLynneOwens on twitter), and is finding it an important tool. She highlighted the growing effect of social media in conveying the news.

If you missed the evening, or would like to listen again, then we’ve split her talk into two podcasts. Please do share on your favourite social network.

If you would like to be kept informed about future Speakers Corner events, then please sign up to our email list here.

Part 1

Part 2