Saturday, 26 October 2013

Blessing Camberley on Saturday

Volunteers from St Paul's are out and about in Camberley this Saturday to put a little love back into the community. Various projects are underway, including one from St Paul's youth.

The youth of St Paul's are heading into town on Saturday morning on an intentional mission of showering the town centre with kindness. Look out for umbrella taxis (if it's raining). You might also be given flowers, or find boxes of chocolates - just take them as a gift.

Sarah Percival, Youth Director says: "It's all creative ideas from the young people. We just wanted to bless Camberley... Not sure how it will go, but hopefully it should be quite exciting and a blessing to people in town".

If you see them out and about, we would love to hear your feedback. How about tweeting us your photos  @StPaulsCamb or post them on our Facebook or Google Plus pages.

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