Thursday, 9 January 2014

Besom Christmas Thank You

Always good to get feedback from people and agencies who the Besom send food out to. Christmas is an expensive time, and so it’s nice to know that the donations made to the Besom in Camberley averted some ‘pay day’ loans and helped to make a real Christmas for several local people in Surrey Heath.

The Besom are a local charity who specialise in providing food packs and other items to those in need, in Camberley and the surrounding area. They work with local churches, who provide a support network of collection points, where various items may be dropped off. In the winter, some people have to make a choice between eating, or heating. Thankfully Besom were able to help out when Paul and Debbie made a recent request on behalf of several local families.

Thank you to Paul and Debbie from Riverside for your feedback. Riverside provide support and affordable housing to people of all ages and circumstances throughout England.Riverside Thank You Letter to Besom Camberley

Letter from Paul and Debbie at Riverside

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